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My Dad, My Friend

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Dedicated

As a father you taught me to care,
As friend to taught me to be me,
As a dad you taught me to share,
As my growing image, my soul you taught to be free. 

Everything in my life that has come to pass,
And everything that will ever be,
Is because of you,
And all the things that you have taught me. 

The lessons never forgot,
The morals never will I let go,
The stern battles fought,
And through it all, the love shows. 

My dad, my friend,
These words are the same,
And until the end,
When I hear my fathers name,
With pride in my eyes,
I will never know shame.

Dedicated to my Dad


Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Dedicated

When I am sick,
You are always there,
No matter what I do,
I know you’ll always care. 

No matter what kind of day I had,
You always make it better,
You’ll always be my friend,
Forever and ever. 

To this world you brought me,
And take me out you clearly could,
But you’ve always made me see,
The silver lining and all the good.

Dedicated to my Mom

I Hold Them Dear

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Dedicated

A sight my soul hungered for,
I feeling my heart had lost.
Found once again in you,
That invisible bridge crossed.

I feared true love,
That deep commitment.
The chance for it to fail,
And leave my heart broken and bent.

I can look past that fear,
And I can see light on the other side.
And for the first time in my life,
I’m not looking for a reason to hide.

You’ve gone out of your way,
For no reason and no possible gain.
You’ve shown me a love,
That in my heart will remain.

You’ve given me a hope,
I’d given up trying to find.
Even in your absence from me,
Your voice echoes through my mind.

I hear you say those words,
The one’s I’d come to fear,
The one’s that now from your lips,
I hold so very dear.

Dedicated to my wife