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I heard you cry out the other day,
But when I knocked no one was home,
I called a few times, sent a letter,
And checked for a key under the stone.

I know you’re somewhere near,
Occasionally I hear you shout,
But there’s only static coming in,
When I ask what it’s about.

It seems there’s something chasing you,
That you’ve set upon yourself,
It keeps you running away from me,
And your dreams of love and wealth.

So I’ll just sit here on your porch,
Passing time and sipping tea,
Waiting for you to quit running,
And come back home to me.

I’ve brought you all you’ve asked for,
Just like I said I would.
So why’d you wander off to find it,
Instead of believing that I could?

Oh, please do understand,
You’ve neither offended nor trespassed,
You see I like this summer breeze,
And I’ve no bus or train to catch.

I just wanted to let you know,
I’ll be here when you’re ready,
Keeping the home front safe,
And the fire burning steady.

                                      – Life

A Jester in the Court

Posted: 15th February 2011 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Thought Provoking
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A Tonka truck and a sand box,
Are all that is needed by the little boy.
A doll house and a tiara,
Are the little girls pride and joy.

But what of the adult,
Who has let their imagination stale,
Never taking that big leap,
Because of the fear they may fail.

To them the world is dark,
And fate is just a cold shoulder,
The sweet taste of love and success,
By the day grow colder and colder.

They do not dare to dream,
Nor aspire to be something more,
They do not look forward to tomorrow,
For they fear what may be in store.

But they are not lost to us,
These poor and lonely souls.
They only need our helping hands,
To begin to fill their empty holes.

As they stand against the crowd,
They need some love and support.
Because an adult that plays in their mind,
Is treated like a jester in their court.

My Own House of Mirrors

Posted: 11th March 2010 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Love Poems
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A reflection stairs back at me,
With lightly happy younger eyes.
A glimpse into a past of mine,
Before the sound of empty cries.

I turn back to my journey,
Stumbling through this maze of time.
Feeling a deep heaviness in my soul,
With this guilt of an unknown crime.

Flashes of emotions on my left and right,
Quietly telling me the stories of my life.
Guiding me over the hills I’ve lived,
Not loosing sight of a forgotten strife.

A vision of a blue house,
That enveloped all my dreams of youth.
Seeing the lessons I learned there,
Missing some unspoken truth.

More scenes come to view and fade,
As my feet follow a single road.
The pictures seem to guide me onward,
Following directions I was never told.

Walking down these never ending halls,
These endless rows of restless reflections.
I’m left with a haunting tainted vision,
With no one to hear my silent objections.

Blindly following the sound of my feet,
Masked with a smile and cradled in tears.
I’ll wonder on alone in my halls,
In this, my own house of mirrors.

You Were Mine For a Day

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Love Poems

They say we all get,
Our fifteen minutes of fame,
Some do it honestly,
Other bare it in shame.

Some take to the music,
Others play on the screen,
I took to love’s path,
And painted my dream.

With a palette of life’s colors,
And a brush I stole from fate,
I created my hearts vision,
Only a moment too late.

When I painted your eyes,
I stole the Caribbean’s blue,
Lightly streaking through your hair,
As the Oceans wind blew.

A picture of God’s angels,
Is where I stole your smile.
Creating you inside my head,
Falling for you all the while.

I lingered in my dreams,
Until I got your body right.
My breath silently held back,
As I took you in my sight.

You take your life’s first breath,
And look so deeply into me.
My picture is now painted.
Your soul is now set free.

The final gift to you I give,
Was shot from Cupid as a dart.
Inside your perfect being,
I place my fiery heart.

You smile at me and wave,
And trust in come what may.
I smile while you leave and know,
That you were mine for a day.

Our Little Place

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Inspirational Poems

I know a little place,
Where time slows down.
A sleepy little lake,
Where troubles can’t be found.

Where the shadows of the sunset,
Hide the worries you brought,
And all those hanging battles,
Have no need to be fought.

Where families come to play,
And boats come to swim.
And parking the RV,
Involves the trimming of a limb.

A place where bonds are started,
Or made deeper by the day.
A place where once you visit,
Your heart will always stay.

A quiet little place,
With arms open so wide,
To welcome all who come,
To the happiness it hides.