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I heard you cry out the other day,
But when I knocked no one was home,
I called a few times, sent a letter,
And checked for a key under the stone.

I know you’re somewhere near,
Occasionally I hear you shout,
But there’s only static coming in,
When I ask what it’s about.

It seems there’s something chasing you,
That you’ve set upon yourself,
It keeps you running away from me,
And your dreams of love and wealth.

So I’ll just sit here on your porch,
Passing time and sipping tea,
Waiting for you to quit running,
And come back home to me.

I’ve brought you all you’ve asked for,
Just like I said I would.
So why’d you wander off to find it,
Instead of believing that I could?

Oh, please do understand,
You’ve neither offended nor trespassed,
You see I like this summer breeze,
And I’ve no bus or train to catch.

I just wanted to let you know,
I’ll be here when you’re ready,
Keeping the home front safe,
And the fire burning steady.

                                      – Life

Internal Compassion

Posted: 15th March 2012 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Inspirational Poems
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A summer storm rolls overhead,
As I sit here lost inside my head,
Dreaming of the future and reliving the past,
Analyzing the days of a life gone by too fast,
Drifting further from my waking state,
Entertaining thoughts of time and fate,
Wondering what it means to be real,
Here with my eyes closed do I exist still?
Did the world I know just disappear?
Lost in potentiality while I linger here?
Time gives a shudder and breaks itself free,
Floating all around me I lost track of where it should be,
As I drift even further along on this quest,
I gain perspective on the lessons and their tests,
The failure and pain that used to tease and taunt,
Have been seen as they are and lost their power to haunt,
The light of the blessings from each and every one,
Begins to grow and warm like the perfect noonday sun,
The faces and grudges of my long held contempt,
Drift toward forgiveness, no longer holding me subservient,
Deeper still I fly into this loving void,
Swimming through the teachings of Jung, Proctor and Freud,
The bliss and oneness here I cannot truly take in,
For it is bigger than this identity I hold within,
Just as I start to bow before its grace,
The tendrils of compassion reach out and lift my face,
A voice in my head asks me why I would bow to what I see,
Opening my eyes to the love of God I found I was looking back at me.

Give Thanks

Posted: 11th March 2010 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Inspirational Poems

Staring at the stars,
I see you there,
In all the passing cars,
I see you there.

I know you didn’t choose,
To leave me alone in this world,
I didn’t know what I had to loose,
Until it was taken from me,
Now I’m paying my dues,
As the pain sinks into me.

Then a smile crosses my face,
As the happiness returns,
It takes me to a peaceful place,
Where your memory dwells with me,
As for the pain, no longer a trace.

Your presence through life will always be,
You’ll always be in my heart,
And with you there any problem that I see,
Will show me no resistance,
And the grey skies of worry will flea.

I need to give thanks,
For the strength that you give,
And for all the lengths,
Your spirit does go,
For you being here I need to give thanks.

Look Inside

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Inspirational Poems

Looking back on the times,
That have past me by,
I see so many missed things,
But to make amends, why try?

All of our pasts,
Have a common trait,
To teach us to look forward,
Not to leave our lives to fate.

Each of us controls our own,
We make ourselves what we are,
You need not cross great waters,
Nor look to lands a far.

What we are is deep within,
What we are is something inside,
It may be hard to find,
But it is even harder to hide.

Look inside your own soul,
To the question of life at hand,
And you’ll find the answers as abundant,
As all the grains of sand.

Our Little Place

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Inspirational Poems

I know a little place,
Where time slows down.
A sleepy little lake,
Where troubles can’t be found.

Where the shadows of the sunset,
Hide the worries you brought,
And all those hanging battles,
Have no need to be fought.

Where families come to play,
And boats come to swim.
And parking the RV,
Involves the trimming of a limb.

A place where bonds are started,
Or made deeper by the day.
A place where once you visit,
Your heart will always stay.

A quiet little place,
With arms open so wide,
To welcome all who come,
To the happiness it hides.