Once Upon Another Life

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Love Poems

Feeling the warmth,
Of you hand in mine.
The gaining of closeness,
From trials left behind. 

That look in your eye,
That took me so far away.
That piece of my heart lost,
When you said “I can’t stay”. 

A happiness remembered,
From a time spent with you…
Once upon another life,
Before my world was so blue. 

Softly whispered heart breaks,
Still echoing through my mind.
So many memories in hindsight,
That should have been a sign. 

But my heart is now torn,
Between the present and a golden field…
From once upon another life,
 Where together our love we sealed. 

With all the heavens watching,
We took that lovers leap.
To a place we couldn’t understand,
To feeling that was too deep. 

I held on too long,
Even though I knew you let go.
Hoping to prove it all wrong…
Staying stagnant in life’s flow. 

Now I can’t move forward,
And it hurts too much to look back…
To once upon another life,
Before my heart was black. 

How much longer will it take,
For me to finally accept…
That once upon another life,
Is never coming back.