When I Danced With an Angel

Posted: 11th March 2010 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Love Poems

The things we saw,
The places we went,
Living purely for ourselves,
No concerning time spent.

Together growing closer,
As the years passed us by,
Living in the now,
Never glancing toward the future sky.

Loosing myself in you,
And watching you fall for me,
Now a gleam in my eye,
With the future I see.

Watching the years go on,
The band of love on your hand.
Lost in all the time we share,
Flowing like the hourglass sand.

The love inside of me,
So deeply blossomed and grew,
Now growing so much more,
Looking into my sons eyes of blue.

This family now started,
Formed on the one truth.
Stronger than the trial of time,
This love formed in our youth.

I look back to when I met you,
And can’t remember where the time went.
But I thank God for the dance,
Where I met the angel he sent.