You Were Mine For a Day

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Love Poems

They say we all get,
Our fifteen minutes of fame,
Some do it honestly,
Other bare it in shame.

Some take to the music,
Others play on the screen,
I took to love’s path,
And painted my dream.

With a palette of life’s colors,
And a brush I stole from fate,
I created my hearts vision,
Only a moment too late.

When I painted your eyes,
I stole the Caribbean’s blue,
Lightly streaking through your hair,
As the Oceans wind blew.

A picture of God’s angels,
Is where I stole your smile.
Creating you inside my head,
Falling for you all the while.

I lingered in my dreams,
Until I got your body right.
My breath silently held back,
As I took you in my sight.

You take your life’s first breath,
And look so deeply into me.
My picture is now painted.
Your soul is now set free.

The final gift to you I give,
Was shot from Cupid as a dart.
Inside your perfect being,
I place my fiery heart.

You smile at me and wave,
And trust in come what may.
I smile while you leave and know,
That you were mine for a day.