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I heard you cry out the other day,
But when I knocked no one was home,
I called a few times, sent a letter,
And checked for a key under the stone.

I know you’re somewhere near,
Occasionally I hear you shout,
But there’s only static coming in,
When I ask what it’s about.

It seems there’s something chasing you,
That you’ve set upon yourself,
It keeps you running away from me,
And your dreams of love and wealth.

So I’ll just sit here on your porch,
Passing time and sipping tea,
Waiting for you to quit running,
And come back home to me.

I’ve brought you all you’ve asked for,
Just like I said I would.
So why’d you wander off to find it,
Instead of believing that I could?

Oh, please do understand,
You’ve neither offended nor trespassed,
You see I like this summer breeze,
And I’ve no bus or train to catch.

I just wanted to let you know,
I’ll be here when you’re ready,
Keeping the home front safe,
And the fire burning steady.

                                      – Life

Vacation In a Box

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Love Poems
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A beautiful sunny day,
With the rolling ocean waves,
Sitting in the soft sand,
Trusting in come what may.

Feeling the all the warmth,
Of the soft yellow beams,
Fading away from reality,
Loosing us in dreams.

Gaining an understanding,
That we both already know,
Never hiding again,
Letting the inside show.

Running from this life,
But embracing every day,
Accomplishing what needs doing,
While leaving time to play.

A vacation in a box,
In a circle made of gold,
Ignoring our minds,
Doing what our hearts were told.