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Internal Compassion

Posted: 15th March 2012 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Inspirational Poems
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A summer storm rolls overhead,
As I sit here lost inside my head,
Dreaming of the future and reliving the past,
Analyzing the days of a life gone by too fast,
Drifting further from my waking state,
Entertaining thoughts of time and fate,
Wondering what it means to be real,
Here with my eyes closed do I exist still?
Did the world I know just disappear?
Lost in potentiality while I linger here?
Time gives a shudder and breaks itself free,
Floating all around me I lost track of where it should be,
As I drift even further along on this quest,
I gain perspective on the lessons and their tests,
The failure and pain that used to tease and taunt,
Have been seen as they are and lost their power to haunt,
The light of the blessings from each and every one,
Begins to grow and warm like the perfect noonday sun,
The faces and grudges of my long held contempt,
Drift toward forgiveness, no longer holding me subservient,
Deeper still I fly into this loving void,
Swimming through the teachings of Jung, Proctor and Freud,
The bliss and oneness here I cannot truly take in,
For it is bigger than this identity I hold within,
Just as I start to bow before its grace,
The tendrils of compassion reach out and lift my face,
A voice in my head asks me why I would bow to what I see,
Opening my eyes to the love of God I found I was looking back at me.

The Path to Within

Posted: 7th June 2011 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Thought Provoking
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I took some time to walk around this life of mine,
Wondering what it might be like beyond that soft and peaceful light,
From the stories told of a dark tunnel long and cold,
That leads to this light beyond this life,
Where love and happiness hold.

“There must be another way” to myself I say,
Then a ticket from death upon our last breath,
To board the train to that utopian plane,
Claiming early our seat in our hearts defeat,
Lost in the mundane without the strength in life to remain.

To taste of the bliss from eternal summers kiss,
To feel the joy existing beyond realities decoy,
While breathing in this place; in only this time, in only this space,
Present in the now yet so much more somehow,
Aware of what may come without pressure from Fate to succumb.

Free to choose a path without fear of Destiny’s wrath,
That leads to that light while still remaining in my life,
To allow the love within to match the love found in my vision,
Of what it might be like beyond that soft and peaceful light,
Where I’ll connect once again to lost loved ones and friends.

A quote from my youth seems to speak to this truth,
Of a way to feel the peace and from the stress of this life release,
A way to find that light and provide my life an overdue rewrite,
To match the me hidden inside; that one that from life seems to hide,
This quote from an ancient Greek, if studied will provide the way that I seek:

Know Thyself.

My Own House of Mirrors

Posted: 11th March 2010 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Featured, Love Poems
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A reflection stairs back at me,
With lightly happy younger eyes.
A glimpse into a past of mine,
Before the sound of empty cries.

I turn back to my journey,
Stumbling through this maze of time.
Feeling a deep heaviness in my soul,
With this guilt of an unknown crime.

Flashes of emotions on my left and right,
Quietly telling me the stories of my life.
Guiding me over the hills I’ve lived,
Not loosing sight of a forgotten strife.

A vision of a blue house,
That enveloped all my dreams of youth.
Seeing the lessons I learned there,
Missing some unspoken truth.

More scenes come to view and fade,
As my feet follow a single road.
The pictures seem to guide me onward,
Following directions I was never told.

Walking down these never ending halls,
These endless rows of restless reflections.
I’m left with a haunting tainted vision,
With no one to hear my silent objections.

Blindly following the sound of my feet,
Masked with a smile and cradled in tears.
I’ll wonder on alone in my halls,
In this, my own house of mirrors.

Common Ground

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Thought Provoking
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Sitting in my life,
And looking through these eyes,
I try to understand,
Just what is truth and what is lies.

But this question is hard to phrase,
Since the line seems to be,
Based mostly in perception,
And the opinion of what we see.

Can there be a single truth,
To who or what I am?
Is there more to living,
Then simply knowing that I can?

The teachers of the past,
Have tried to guide us as they could,
Very few lessons though,
The test of time withstood.

They come to us in fragments,
Here and there along our path,
Some based only in feelings,
Others in science and math.

And so we choose our side,
Although we may not know,
And begin to lead our lives,
Based in our decisions flow.

Yet we can go against this flow,
As the world and we have seen,
And choose to question in ourselves,
Our very visions and our dreams.

Could there be more out there,
Than even we can perceive,
A bridge between faith and reason,
That gives us a commonality to believe.

A realization that each of us,
Asks the same questions of why,
A common ground to start from,
As we stare beyond the sky.