In The End

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Thought Provoking

Is time still passing?
I’ve lost count of the days.
I’m tiring of this life,
And the simple games it plays.

So how are you doing?
It’s been awhile since we talked.
Did you forget about me,
On this path that you walked.

I heard your doing well,
That you followed your dreams.
Life has handed you your silver spoon,
Or at least that is how it seems.

But what about your heart?
Did it fall in love again?
Or do you run away from love,
And play games with your men?

Do you remember what we had?
Does it ever cross your mind?
Do you miss the past?
Or do you look back blind?

I know your heart once loved me,
But that time faded away,
While you were out finding life,
I tripped and lost my way.

It’s good to here from you,
But isn’t it ironic my dear…
That the path that took you away,
In the end led you right back here?