The Roads That Don’t Lead Back

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Thought Provoking

The path life leads us down,
Is not always what we’d choose.
We’ve no real foresight to guide us,
No knowledge of what we’ll loose. 

But we wonder on blindly,
Down this winding, weary path.
Learning along the way,
How to cry and how to laugh. 

And when a crossroads come,
There’s only one way we can go.
We can not take them both,
Forward is Time’s only flow. 

Sometimes the path we choose,
Can’t be taken by our friend.
So we pray that this meeting,
Is not the last before the end. 

Often times the path turns round,
And we seem them once again.
But when the roads don’t lead back,
Forever we’ll miss our friend.