Internal Compassion

Posted: 15th March 2012 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Inspirational Poems
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A summer storm rolls overhead,
As I sit here lost inside my head,
Dreaming of the future and reliving the past,
Analyzing the days of a life gone by too fast,
Drifting further from my waking state,
Entertaining thoughts of time and fate,
Wondering what it means to be real,
Here with my eyes closed do I exist still?
Did the world I know just disappear?
Lost in potentiality while I linger here?
Time gives a shudder and breaks itself free,
Floating all around me I lost track of where it should be,
As I drift even further along on this quest,
I gain perspective on the lessons and their tests,
The failure and pain that used to tease and taunt,
Have been seen as they are and lost their power to haunt,
The light of the blessings from each and every one,
Begins to grow and warm like the perfect noonday sun,
The faces and grudges of my long held contempt,
Drift toward forgiveness, no longer holding me subservient,
Deeper still I fly into this loving void,
Swimming through the teachings of Jung, Proctor and Freud,
The bliss and oneness here I cannot truly take in,
For it is bigger than this identity I hold within,
Just as I start to bow before its grace,
The tendrils of compassion reach out and lift my face,
A voice in my head asks me why I would bow to what I see,
Opening my eyes to the love of God I found I was looking back at me.