A Tainted Memory

Posted: 30th June 2009 by Timothy A. Rhoades in Love Poems

A tainted memory,
Haunts my heart,
The blackness growing,
Since we’ve been apart. 

When you left me,
I saw it as a game,
Looking back now,
It’s me to blame. 

You never asked for much,
Just my love and honesty,
Now this barren emptiness,
Is slowly eating me. 

I tried to find another,
To chase away the pain,
Bathing in my wake of destruction,
Fighting to be sane. 

Now in my mirror,
A black hole stares at me,
A faceless breathing robot,
With no emotions left to see. 

I go on through my days,
Trying to forget the pain,
But even when it’s sunny,
I can feel the lonely rain 

It falls down on me,
Drenching my heart in you,
And no matter how hot it beats,
It will always be an icy blue.